About us

AvantGardian is an Abuja based group of architects, interior designers, artists, urbanists, landscape professionals, sustainability and environment enthusiasts, building material experts, researchers and innovators. The group is currently involved in various projects, ranging from mid-high density residential development, luxury villas, garden and landscaping, to modular construction in all scales and sectors.

At the heart of AvantGardian projects is a unique design approach committed to delivering innovative, sustainable, technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing products. Our designs aim to create spaces with human experiential quality, spaces that improve users’ overall quality of life while meeting all technical requirements, and spaces that give the feeling of happiness and satisfaction to both client and users.

Our highly collaborative, research-oriented approach seeks to provide solutions to contemporary architectural and urban issues by involving clients, stakeholders and experts from a wide range of fields at the onset of our creative process. Our inclusive design process leads us to deal with issues ranging from sustainability, environment, materials and tectonics to providing reusable/modular solutions to the ever-evolving contemporary building needs.

“Modern life demands, and is waiting for, a new kind of plan, both for the house and the city”

– Le Corbusier

At AvantGardian, we once again find the freedom of thought and ideas to create remarkable, innovative architecture that changes the surface of our environment to better fit contemporary life.